The topic of unmanned stores caught the attention of the participants of the Retail Summit 2023

What questions were asked most often?
At this year's Retail Summit 2023, Futureshop 247 founders Adam Klofáč and Pavel Kozler took part in a panel discussion that outlined the areas and information of interest to our retailers when considering the automated future of stores. Read the answers to the most common questions.

Is an unstaffed store safe?

- You can only enter and exit the store using a digital key.
- The identity of the shopper is uniquely verified by a bank ID or ID card.
- An intelligent camera system is installed in the store, thanks to which the store's operation is constantly evaluated.

What is the profitability and return on investment?

- There is an increase in sales due to the extension of operating hours to 24/7.
- Savings in personnel costs amount to at least 30%.
- The unmanned shop also brings energy savings.
- The return on investment can be expected within 1 year.

Is a hybrid operation or a fully autonomous store preferable?

- The food retail industry prefers a hybrid model.
- Fully autonomous stores are mainly applied in large cities.
- An important factor is the age and social structure of the catchment area.

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