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The future is here

Safely. Simply. Without an operator.

24 hours a day
7 days a week

Sell continuously, day and night. Thanks to non-stop operation, an unmanned store will ensure higher revenues.

365 days
a year

Sell every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays. Enable your customers to shop on Easter Monday and Christmas Day.

Low operating

A fully automated store doesn‘t need constant staff assistance. One employee can thus manage several stores simultaneously. You‘ll get your investment back within 1 year.


Be where the competition can’t reach.
With an unmanned store, you can easily reach more remote regions that a normal store with staff and opening hours cannot achieve.


Take advantage of unlimited traffic. Sell during bank and public holidays, and at night. Unlike the competition, your store will always operate at full capacity.


Enable your customers to shop worry-free, even during a pandemic. Thanks to our technology, you can also easily regulate the number of customers in store according to current government measures.

We realised the first unmanned store, offering pet supplies, in the Czech Republic for Super ZOO.

Visa, the world’s largest electronic payment network is the project’s payment guarantor.

Global Payments, the leading payment system and software solution provider in the Czech Republic, will ensure worry-free payment.

The traditional operator of the largest retail network has already opened several stores with us.

How does it work? Very simply.


The store is equipped with a security system that uses one of the following three access methods to access it: Bank Identity (BankID), Identity Card or Internal Smart Card.


Your store is continuously monitored. The store equipment is adapted for safe operation without the need for assistance.


Payments are executed on the principle of the well-known self-checkout in regular supermarkets. The customer pays with ease, and they see the receipt in their mobile application.


To exit the store, the customer once again uses the mobile application with their BankID, Identity Card or an Internal Smart Card thanks to which you know who visited your store and can thus avoid any inconveniences.


Get an effective tool to gain insight into your customer’s needs and offer them what they really want.

The web application aggregates information about purchases divided into individual categories and items.

You gain an overview of demographic data , and a more detailed view of the structure of your customers.

Thanks to this, you can effectively adapt your product range to their needs, and create targeted personalised offers.

You can use the obtained data for further marketing activities, thus increasing your store’s performance.


A combination of experts in design and digitalization will bring you a comprehensive solution

With its 25 years of experience, MORIS design is the number one in the field of in-store design and POS communication. The company, which designs and builds concepts, takes pride in its designs‘ emotions and functionalities. Brands with a new concept from MORIS design include Super zoo, Sportisimo, TETA drug store and O2. The family business has its own production, construction divisions and service teams throughout the Czech Republic.

The company has already won many domestic and foreign awards for its store and POS stand designs, including prizes at the prestigious POPAI Awards Paris.

The KNOWINSTORE agency, part of the KNOWLIMITS group, can prepare a comprehensive point-of-sale advertising concept, from analysis to evaluation. A team of experts with many years of experience focuses on POS materials, which they can creatively design, media plan, manufacture, distribute and install. KNOWINSTORE now focuses on retail digitalization, monitors global trends in the in-store field, and implements them in individual projects for its clients across the retail market.


„You sell, we take care of everything else.“

Whether you’re getting ready to run a food store, pharmacy, bike repair shop or fitness centre, opening an unmanned store has never been easier.


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"A more efficient store is within your reach. Ride the wave of the revolution, and make full use of the potential of continuous operation. Contact us! We’ll be happy to personally explain the details of an unmanned store to you, and familiarise you with our experience in in-store design and marketing."

Adam Klofáč

Adam Klofáč
Co-owner of MORIS design

Pavel Kozler

Pavel Kozler
Executive director, Knowinstore
MORIS design s.r.o.
Tiskařská 4, 108 00 Praha 10

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Photo of stores

  • The first 100% unmanned store futureshop247.com, in Lysolaje, Prague.
  • The first 100% unmanned store futureshop247.com, in Lysolaje, Prague.
  • The first 100% unmanned store futureshop247.com, in Lysolaje, Prague.
Project partners: