Retail stores of the future

Retail stores of the future

The retail stores of the future are tasked with delivering new customer experiences, working with consumer emotions and being flexible to customer lifestyles. To maximize the positive effect of a new fully automated store, it should combine three main aspects – Interior design, technology and sustainability. 

Store interior

Thanks to, retailers will get a modern and visually appealing interior designed by Moris design experts. At the same time, setting up the right customer journey is very important for a simple but effective shopping experience.

Digitalization and innovative technologies

Digital technologies accompany the entire concept of stores of the future. Customers use a mobile app, digital authorization, cashless payment methods, scan&go and unlimited sales hours during their shopping experience. Technology also brings a number of benefits to retailers. For them, the service will offer order automation, digital price tags and automatic pricing, loT technology for process control, smart shelves, programmatic campaigns and a camera system with artificial intelligence.


When creating a brand new store with, recycled and environmentally degradable elements are used in the interior design. In addition, digitalization, unattended and automation make the premises energy-efficient. In addition, 100% of the lights do not need to be on at all times during operation, but only the main lights, main aisle lights and entrance lights are sufficient. Retailers also don't have to worry about increased energy costs as the lights are only turned on when customers enter the store.

KNOWINSTORE and Moris design are behind the unique project. It is a combination of two innovative companies from the field of in-store design and retail digitalization. The retail stores of the future from will offer increased sales, reduced costs and a new customer experience.


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