Why choose an unmanned store

Completely unmanned stores, open 24/7, are a step towards development and getting closer to customers via digitalization. In remote regions without great market potential, a regular store with staff and opening hours would not be viable, because the costs of its operation would be higher than the profits, and therefore you’d have to close the store. That’s why a 24/7 store concept is the right choice.

Do you know what benefits the introduction of an unmanned store or the transformation of an original store will bring you?

1.    Reduced operating costs – all tasks performed by one employee
2.    Unlimited operation, 365 days a year – sell when your competitors sleeps
3.    Digitalization for proximity even in remote regions

And how does it all work? 

Your store will be constantly monitored by a camera system. What’s more, thanks to the security system, you’ll have an overview of your customers, who must use a mobile application with a registered BankID to enter. The customer can purchase any of the goods on offer, and payment is executed on the principle of the well-known self-checkouts. The mobile application is therefore not just used to enter the store; the customer also sees the receipt for the purchase in it.

Be with us at the birth of the stores of the future. 

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